Say hello to the improved SuperFlo® Variable Speed Pump family!

Starting now, the SuperFlo VS (342001), SuperFlo VST (342002), and SuperMax VS (343001) will be produced with updates to meet Energy Star® and federal regulations to help pool owners save money with more energy-efficient products.


What’s new with SuperFlo?

  • An innovative, permanent magnet motor to improve motor efficiency.
  • In addition to the digital inputs these variable-speed pumps support, there’s a new automation communication ability via RS-485 to allow for a more flexible installation on TradeGrade models.**
  • The reduction of the electrical power needed to keep the pool pump at the top performance so pool owners can save money and product performance.

** The TradeGrade models are SuperFlo VST and SuperMax VS.

Surprise! These variable speed pumps have updates too.

IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® Variable Speed Pumps are now more efficient with enhanced motor and drive improvements and minor modifications to the hydraulics to increase overall efficiency.