Can’t solve the Green Pool Puzzle?

A pool that has been cleaned and is in the water.
A pool with a view of the water and sky.

A green pool can happen before you know it if you aren't careful. There is a specific step-by-step procedure required in order to turn the pool around. If you do things out of order, it can prolong or make it impossible to turn it into a swimmable pool. Don't waste your time and money with a Company that doesn't know how to handle it.

Global Pools will turn your pool around as quickly as humanly possible. If you're curious if we're up to the task, we invite you to check out our previous work. It doesn't matter how big or small, the type of the pool or equipment you have. One way or another we'll get the job done.

If you think you have a Pool you can't manage to clear up on your own, Contact Us. We will come out as soon as possible and take a look at your Pool, and provide you with what you can expect, and when you can expect to have a Swimmable Pool again! What are you waiting for!


Acid Washing service is needed when the pool, is at its worst. When a pool is in this condition, you will not be able to see to the bottom and often times may have sludge on the surface of the water. Generally the walls/tile are stained as well. This service requires draining the pool and giving it a bath in acid.

Starting at $995

Have a green pool? We can fix that


This pool just recently turned green within the last week and may have some debris on the surface and floor. This service may take a few visits, but could possibly be cleared up in as little as two visits.

Starting at $249

Have a green pool? We can fix that


This service isn't as in-depth as the service above because the pool is not as as bad yet. This service can more than likely cure a pool in a short amount of time. A pool of this condition generally has a fair amount of leaves and debris in the bottom of the pool, but generally the surface is clear of debris. You may or may not be able to see the bottom of the pool in the deep end.

Starting at $449

Have a green pool? We can fix that


A pool in this condition can be salvaged without acid washing, but acid washing could still be recommended. If the conditions are left untreated long enough, you'll see lily pad and frogs starting to inhabit their own little pond! This requires immense work to get your pool back to a healthy condition.

Starting at $695

Have a green pool? We can fix that