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Thanks for checking our pool cleaning reviews! Its very important to make sure that the company you choose has a great online reputation. If not, your pool and equipment could be at risk for premature damage. There's so much to consider when taking care of a pool, and having the knowledge to solve the problem is where a reputable company is superior to one that is not. That's a service not worth paying for!

The scary fact of the matter is there is not any requirement for someone to carry insurance or licensing in the pool industry. What does that mean for you? That means any Tom, Dick and Harry can wake up one day and decide to service pools regardless of knowledge or experience. Its very hard to find a company that possesses the knowledge (along with being Licensed and Insured like Global Pools) to protect your pool and keep your water clear and safe. This is where online reputation is so important along with pool cleaning reviews.

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Ruthi Dujovne Rutenburg

As a Realtor, I always use Global Pools for pool inspections. The most thorough pool inspector i have found so far. Talk to Mitchel Fox, the owner.