Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pool Services


Often times when you are searching for a Swimming Pool cleaning Service to help you maintain your pool, you end up at a dead end. It is very easy to search and really not know what you’re looking for because Pool Maintenance is difficult to understand. That is why we have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions” section here for you. Hopefully it will make you think of questions that you didn’t originally think of while gaining a better understanding of your pool. If you have a question, and it’s not listed here, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Have a question?. Looking for a free estimate?. Want to know more about our Swimming Pool Cleaning Services?. Do you need help resolving a problem with your Pool? Take a look at Our Service Packages and Contact Us Today!

Q. Is a Pool Service worth it?

A. A Pool Service saves you time and money while reducing your stress. Maintaining a Pool can be tedious work unless you enjoy the science behind maintaining your Pool, or due to financial reasons, having a Licensed professional Pool Service will be the best decision you can make in regards to your Pool. Your time is way more valuable that the cost of Pool Service. Think of the extra quality time you can spend with your family. Less stress, fewer headaches, fewer details, No Worries about your Pool and more fun. Take a quick look at our Service Packages to see what is best for you!. (Service Packages in teal color with a link to service cleaning packages page.

Q. Is price the most important factor when considering a Pool Service Company?

A. Definitely NOT. We all know the old adage, “You get what you pay for”, Right?. In other words, “Cheaper isn’t always better”. For example, you might get a cheaper price from someone who’s trying to break into the industry and isn’t Licensed and Insured like Global Pools LLC. They don’t have the experience, and because of this, they can’t warrant charging high prices so they go CHEAP to get your business. The risk is that their inexperience in proper pool maintenance and repairs can end up costing you a lot more Money that an experienced Licensed and Insured Pool Professional.

Here are the questions you should be asking your potential Pool Service Company before you begin price comparisons.

  • Is the Pool Company properly Licensed and Insured in your State or Municipality? By Licensed We mean a Swimming Pool/Spa Servicing Contractor License.
  • Are they a Certified Pool and Spa Operators(CPO), and a Certified Pool Inspector(CPI) through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPI)?.
  • Do they have a high level of customer service? and proof of their client satisfaction?
Q. What Services do you offer?

A. We can take care of Every Pool Need except building a new one. We do have a quality referral for that. Check out our Service Packages.

Q. How will you service my pool?

A. This is completely up to you regarding the Service Package you choose. Would you prefer to Service Your Pool Weekly to make sure your Pool stays in tip-top shape?. If your need your Pool cleaned before a Certain day (for a Pool Party or other Special Occasion), we will accommodate you!

Q. Is your staff qualified?

A. Each Team Member is more qualified that the majority of the competition. Global Pools Service is a Licensed and Insured Certified Pool and Spa Contractor, along with being CPO Certified (Certified Pool Operator), CPI Certified (Certified Pool Inspector), and Certified in POOL LEAK DETECTION by LEAKTRONICS. They are well trained and take pride in their workmanship. The Pool is spotless after it is serviced by us. Being worthy of your trust is one of our most valuable and tangible assets we are able to earn from you. Our customers who put locks on their gates have no hesitation to hand us the key to their home. That speaks volumes!. See what our customers have to say.

Q. Do you provide any other services than Pool Cleaning and repair?

A. We have a host of services we offer. The only thing we don’t handle is building pools. However, we have a great referral for that. We do Pool Cleaning, Repairs, Installations, Pool Inspections, Pool Leak Detection, and Pool Renovations to name a few. Check out our list of services we offer. If you have a unique situation, contact us and we’ll be glad to help!

Q. Are there extra costs that are not covered in the monthly service?

A. Our Services cover all basic maintenance services included in our Services Packages. Some Services that may cost extra are:

    1. Cleanup from a major storm
    2. Extra Chemicals that you’re Pool may require

We will give you a written estimate that requires your approval prior to rendering any services outside of the monthly cleaning package you choose. Our goal is not to price gouge you like other companies do, so regardless of what arises, OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!

Q. How quickly can you start on my pool?

A. This is a great question. Usually we are able to meet you the same day you call us. Or in rare cases the next day. Please Contact Us so we can start Servicing your Pool.

Q. Are chemicals included in your cleaning service?

A. Yes, absolutely, as long as we are working with you there’s no need for you to purchase or store any kind of chemical at your home. We have you covered!. Everything is taken care of with our Services we provide for you.

Q. Is it difficult to get I touch with you?

A. We always want to be readily accessible for you!. That is why we make it a top priority to answer our telephones!. If for any reason you are unable to get in contact with us right away, have no worries, we will return your call promptly. You can also contact us by e-mail any time and we’ll respond promptly. The majority of the time it will be within an hour. YOU WILL ALSO BE GIVEN A CELL PHONE NUMBER THE FIRST DAY OF SERVICE.

Finally, you can contact us however way you wish.

Q. Area you a contract based Pool Company?

A. We understand how contracts can scare people off. Because of that we do not require contracts for our service. We want the quality of our service to keep you as a client.

A. We do require our clients to E-Sign a terms of service agreement (not a contract) because meeting your expectations is our number one priority. That is why we love our Terms of Service. It spells out our services and policies and you know exactly what services are covered so it really is a win-win. If you want to see a copy of our Terms of Service, send us an e-mail.

If you have another idea, we are all ears!