It’s always a great idea to make sure your company is insured with something as simple as a pool filter cleaning. there are many other things you want to make sure they are insured for, like chemical spills, general liability, popped Pools, and things like errors and emissions.

Rest assured, Global Pools is insured for everything from a pool filter cleaning to a pump installation. This way you're completely protected which should put you at ease. Unfortunatley, unless licensed, there  is not a current requirement for a residential  pool company to be insured which should be alarming to you as a consumer. Not a lot of companies spend money to become insured. Why risk hiring a company that is not insured all in the name of saving a few dollars? Without a pool company being insured, the consumer will take all the responsibility when dealing with an uninsured company. We use SPPA, Swimming Pool Pro Alliance. They specialize in providing quality insurance for pool companies. They are A+ rated, which means they stand by their clients which allow us to stand by you if an event ever occurred. google “pooped pools” and see why insurance is so important . For instance, most companies do not pay for the extra coverage in the event of a popped pool. This means that if you have a popped pool with a pool company that is to insured, you have to pay for a new pool ad the company with no insurance doesn’t pay anything. DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE WITH AN UNINSURED COMPANY. WE HAVE THE INSURANCE TO PROTECT ALL PARTIERS CONCERNED.  If you'd like anything else from us regarding insurance, please feel free to contact us and we'll do whatever we can to accommodate you.